How to Dab? Concentrates And The Basics Of Dabbing

What are concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are processed products made from the cannabis plant. The processing of cannabis concentrates leaves behind only the most beneficial elements of the plant, the terpenes, and cannabinoids, mainly. It gets rid of extra plant material and impurities that might be consumed in traditional flower consumption. Such as a joint or a pipe.

Cannabis concentrates, as the name suggests, are more concentrated and potent than other options.  Different extraction processes will create different forms of concentrate. Mechanical separation will produce a product in the form of dry sift or rosin, while chemical solvents such as butane will produce “shatter”, “budder”, “sap”, or “crumble” depending on the temperature and pressure also used in the process. These concentrates normally come with a much higher level of THC than a normal smoking session.  The levels of THC in concentrates can range anywhere from 70% to 90%, which is far higher than any bud you could roll up and smoke. Which normally have levels around 10% to 25% mark. It is recommended that if you are new to concentrates you use very small amounts and go slowly. Do not spoil the experience for yourself by overdoing it and getting too high.

How do we use concentrates?

When most people think about consuming cannabis, they think of smoking a joint or eating an edible. There are other methods of consumption, though, including dabbing. While concentrates can be used with traditional smoking methods like a glass pipe or just adding it to your joint, the most effective way to use concentrates is by dabbing. Unlike traditional bowls, concentrate dabs require much less material to consume.

What exactly is dabbing?

Simply put, dabbing is a method of consuming concentrated cannabis oil by dropping a small amount on a hot surface and allowing it to vaporize. This creates a potent vapor which can then be sucked through a glass pipe that looks and functions much like a traditional bong. 

How do you dab?

Dabbing requires several tools before getting started. You will need a dab rig, usually containing a “quartz banger” or “nail” and a mouthpiece. If you already have a water pipe, you may be able to switch out the attachments to make a dabbing rig.

A dab rig: This is a glass water pipe designed specifically for dabbing cannabis concentrates.

A “quartz banger” or “nail”: This fits inside the dab rig and holds the cannabis concentrate.

A “bubble cap” or “carb cap”: This covers the quartz banger and traps the vapor from the cannabis concentrates.

A torch: You’ll use this to heat up the quartz banger.

A dabber: This is a tool you use to apply the cannabis concentrate to the nail.

Dab technology is quickly becoming more advanced, and you may not need all these separate tools in the future. For now, though, these are the best tools to have on hand for a great dabbing experience. Go and explore the wonderful world of dab rigs, bangers, and nails on

How to dab the right way

Now, you’re ready to dab. The process is pretty straightforward. Just follow these steps:

Turn on the torch and point the flame at the quartz banger or nail.

Heat the quartz banger until its red-hot.

Turn off the torch.

Let the quartz banger cool to an optimal temperature between 270-315 degrees celsius.

Use your dabber to apply a tiny amount of cannabis concentrate (the size of a crumb is plenty) to the quartz banger.

Inhale slowly while rotating the dabber on the nail (this helps you avoid wasting any product).


Remember to start with just a small amount of cannabis concentrate. A little goes a long way when it comes to dabbing.

Tips on dabbing for beginners

Always keep your piece as clean as possible. The taste and experience you get from a clean rig are far superior to a nasty hit from a dirty rig. There are many cleaning products that can help you in this process.

Let the nail cool down before you hit your dab. You want the nail to reach a high temperature, but you don’t want to dab concentrates at that heat.

Start with small dabs and work your way up. People who are new to dabbing might not realize just how potent a seemingly small dab can be, so it’s important to take it slowly from the very beginning.

Collect the resin and store it for future use. Don’t let resin go to waste. If anything, it’s a perfect back-up plan if you ever run out of fresh cannabis to dab.

Benefits of Dabbing

The following are some of the greatest benefits of choosing to dab:

Purity: Cannabis concentrates are often purer than other forms of cannabis.

Less Odor: Often, dabbing produces less of a smell than smoking cannabis

Stronger Flavor: Dabbing cannabis concentrates allows you to enjoy a stronger, purer, more terpene filled flavour and have a better experience all around.

Faster Results: Because of its high concentration of THC and other cannabinoids, you’ll feel the effects of cannabis much faster when you choose to dab over other options. Feeling the effects of cannabis faster is great for people consuming it to possibly help with nausea, chronic pain, or any other health condition.

Dabbing can seem daunting when you first look at the apparatus. But once you break down all components, the various types of cannabis concentrates, it’s easy to learn how to dab.

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